Analyzing On-Hit Feedback in Action Games

Summarize on-hit feedback into 5 categories:

  1. Animation: Animation should be exaggerate, responsive.
    1. Responsiveness: The “preparation” of an attack should be minimize, much faster than real life.
    2. Exaggeration: Movement should be identifiable in any angle. Sometimes you can show only the ending frames to exaggerate high speed.
  2. Physic. Heavily related to animation, especially when using root motion.
    1. Newton 2nd Law: Should players knocked back, or punched airborne?
    2. Newton 3rd Law: “Lagging” effect on hit. Interestingly, Soul Calibur series completely ignore this effect to speed up the pacing of the game, while still deliver excellent feedback.
      1. Is it possible to do this effect in multiplayer games with more than 2 people?
  3. Particle Effect:
    1. Flare or lighting for exaggeration. Most game has a sparkle effect when something harmful hit someone.
    2. Shader: Distortion shader or somethings cooler.
  4. Camera:
    1. Camera Shake: Someone has said that “Camera shaking is the easiest way to make a game look polished” Note: League of Legend has no camera effect, but still have okay feedback which primary from particle and sound effect.
    2. Cut. In some fighting game when a player temporary lose control to the character (like performing grabbing), the camera will switch quickly between several cuts to make it looks more dramatic. EX: CQC in MGS 5, grab in Soul Calibur.
    3. Screen effect: Warping effect showing player is dizzy; Bloody effect showing heavy injury.
  5. Interface Highlighting:
    1. Flashing effect on the object getting hit.
    2. Text animation. (WOW critical hit; LOL gold earned animation…)
    3. Juicy GUI Effects. (Soul Calibur health bar animation)
  6. Sound:
    1. Dark Soul 2 has little visual effect when hitting enemies object, but has a very distinguish high frequency sound cue when hitting, and higher frequency sound when enemy dies. (Interestingly, it still has quite a lot particle, shader, camera shake effects when hitting environment. )

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