Research About Tower Defense + Shooter


Black OPS Orc Must Die!
Space Start from 5 rooms, extends over time up to 10 rooms Big dungen
Object Trap, Bar, Pickup ??
Action Shoot, Shoot, Placing trap, upgrade
Skill Shooting, Ammo managing, Escaping, level experience, Upgrade order, shooting, trap layout
Chance Zombie position
Rule Waves of Zombie until you die Waves of Orcs until you die

For a successful shooter game, we first have to fulfills the players’ needs of competence. That is, a good Flow curve.

The game can be very easy at the beginning, but at certain point, difficulty increase, something block the players. There are some obstacle ahead and force them to learn something in order to proceed. The subtle difference between shooter game, is the different things people learn in the game. In other word, the skill they need in the game.

In my interpretation of Self-Determination Theory, the reason why Competence is a intrinsic motivation for human is that people like to do something they’ve used to, something they spend a lot of time practice, and feel confident and comfortable to do it repetitively. But learning a new thing is always painful at the beginning, so a good game can pack the boring learning process to some engaging experience.

I’m try to find out why TD + Shooter is a good combination. Maybe the first thing is, you don’t have to learn anything to just have fun. Both game looks extremely stupid in the first few level, you just have to learn how to use mouse and keyboard.

But people still die in this game. Even they think the game is stupid, they’ll graduate realize they have to learn something to cross the barrier.

In Black OPS, they research their weapon to get the best DPS. They research the map about every trap and trigger that help them in battle. They also try to understand the enemy behavior, how they spawn, how they move and how they attack.

In Orc Must Die, player have more autonomy in action. They can customize their characters and place traps freely in the map. Obviously, that also means they have much more things to learn.

When making a new FPS game, think about what they should learn, and how to make them feel confident and willing to play repetitively. Remember that lots of successful titles in the game history don’t have much innovation.






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