What’s the Fun About Trading in Online Game?


When brainstorming our project idea, lots of people mentioned trading system. Is trading fun?

We trade everyday with restaurant, grocery store. Is there really something fun about trading? Or it just a “world simulation” system that make a game more world-like?


2 thoughts on “What’s the Fun About Trading in Online Game?

  1. I know this isn’t for the game design assignment but I’ll leave a short reply here since I have a relevant anecdote. I don’t know if trading is inherently fun, but in a game where players have items and can sell them or give them to others, a lot of people seem to expect it as a norm. In Guild Wars 2, there’s an auction house but no trading system, which frustrates many players. Some people try to compensate by mailing items to each other, but it requires more trust than a trading feature because there’s no guarantee that your trading partner won’t just take your item and run off. As a result, a lot of people barely interact with the economy except as a way to get rid of items that are taking up inventory space (and in my opinion, the community suffers for it because there’s little need to ever interact with strangers).

    • Thank you for replying. It reminds me something important I missed.

      Some mechanics are made for “need”, which don’t necessary have to be fun. Maybe trading system is one of them.

      And you’re totally right that trading system could makes the community more active.

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